Fast and secure bet

Lowest fee possible

Direct link between people Without third party involvement

0% chance of fraud

First decentralized betting network in the world

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Akilos has Created an Application Network for Betting Services. By decentralized Network and Using Artificial intelligence, it Creates Direct Communication Between individuals and Reduces Costs. It also has a Platform, Utilizing Artificial intelligence, that has created a Safe Environment for Fair and Direct Deals.

Decentralised system

A technical failure can paralyze all affiliate networks on a centralized platform, until the cause is detected and corrected.

Artificial intelligence

With the Help of Artificial intelligence, the Possibility of an Error can be Set to Zero.

Secure Network

Akilos has Developed a Secure Network for its Users using Blockchain Technology.

Real use Case

The Akilos are able to Connect to Casino Smart Systems and Other Betting Services. By using the Artificial intelligence Technology, the Akilos can Reduce Costs and Create a Safe and Non-fraudulent Environment.

  • Fast Transactions
  • Low Operational and liquidity Costs
  • Secure Environment

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is Referred to Systems that can have some Similar Reactions to Human intelligent Behaviors, such as Understanding Complex Situations, Simulation of Thinking Processes and Human Reasoning Practices and Successful Answer to them, learning and Ability of Earning Knowledge and Argument for Solving Problems. Akilos Team Creates an Artificial intelligence Due to the Complexity of the Bets that is Able to Recognize the Winner After the Condition is Over…. For Full Explanation of Competition and Betting in Akilos, it should be Said that a Person should Apply for Betting with Another Person that this Application Contains some information such as Amount of Betting by the Parties and Type of Selected Case; that opposite Person can Reject or Accept the Application. For Betting in Akilos 6 Conditions Created According to a Series of Algorithms which Specifies that in what Conditions People can Bet on One Another. Akilos Recognize that who is Winner and Deposit Money to the Winner by Multi-step Review as Super Smart and Professional by investigating that Parties Select which Condition between 6 Cases and Competition’s Condition and by Recognizing Requesting and Accepting Person and investigating Determined Algorithm. The aim of Akilos Network Regarding to Making Artificial intelligence is to Create a Massive and Wide Evolution in the World of Betting, Remove Mediators, Commit the Recognition and Function to Mathematical Algorithms.

Avoid Cheating

Instant, on-demand settlement

High performance speed


Immediate funding without third-parties. Smart contracts autonomously perform funding – collect and release payments

Fair deals only

Open-source smart contract ensures fair and transparent deals between merchants and affiliates

Protection from hacking

On a decentralized platform, all user accounts are independent; if one account is hacked, this won’t breach the security of.

cost effective

Scale economy through decentralization leading to significant decrease in transaction fees

No more middle men

Direct Communication between People and Decentralization are the Benefits of the Akilos Network.


We chose DPoS as Akilos Future Consensus Mechanism Since it is a more Decentralized Protocol with a Democratic, Self-governing Community, Free Elections, and Overarching legitimacy.


In Akilos Network, Winners and losers are Selected by Artificial intelligence and there is no Possibility of Fraud in the Betting System.


A Real-time Database is a Database System which uses Real-time Processing to Handle Workloads whose State is Constantly Changing.

Token Allocation

How Akilos be allocated and when to ICO

Token Distribution

Total Token Supply: 15 Million (15,000,000) ALS, of which:

  • 67% Token Sale
  • 20% Retained by Akilos Team
  • 13% Allocated for Distribution to Incentivize Participation in the Ecosystem

Token Type: Ethereum ERC20

Purchase Methods Accepted: ETH

*Unsold token from ico period will be burned

Use of Proceeds

  • 35% Software Development
  • 30% Marketing & Business Development
  • 30% Parentships & Community Grants
  • 5% Legal & Operational Expenses

Why Buy Akilos

Real use Case : Akilos Provides Utility Network and Platform for All Betting Services around the World.

Decentralizated Akilos Network Makes sure that there is no Cheating in the Network Events.

Reducing Transaction Costs and Speeding up Betting are the Benefits of Using Akilos.

Executive team

Patony E Elek

Founder / C++ / C# / Java / Solidity / Website design

Gowon Heller

Founder / Python / HTML / CSS / PHP developer

Stephan Ugrini

C++ / Android / iOS programmer

Antoni Qoti

HTML / Solidity developer

Donald Juerno

Website designer / PHP programmer

Jack Lorio

Website Developer / JavaScript / PHP / C++ programmer

Project Advisors

Patrick Jilberter

Manager / Academic advisor

Sara Laranza

Financial / Marketing advisor

Meyson Lizard

Advisor / Professional gambler


the process of our ico program














  • Bringing ideas on paper
  • Collect professional team
  • Project programming & development


  • Website Launch
  • Akilos Network Launch
  • Crowdsale whitepaper release
  • Akilos public sale


  • Unsold tokens burn
  • Exchange listing
  • Technical whitepaper
  • Technical roadmap
  • New website
  • Akilos platform test version
  • Testnet
  • Project K Start (Phase v1)
    • Video Call between Those Who Bet
    • Voice Chat between Those Who Bet
    • Telegram Betting Bot (Connected to Platform)
    • Secure Connection Update
    • Advanced Group Betting


  • Project K (Phase v2)
    • Ability to Share Betting Results
    • Casino Simulator
    • Online Football Betting Simulator
    • Mobile Version
      • SMS Alarm
      • Ability Connect to Akilos Exchanger
    • Custom plugin mode
  • Beta test by betting service providers
  • Akilos Online Exchanger v1
  • Akilos platform beta version
  • Mainnet launch


  • Major exchange listing
  • AKA wallet
  • Project K (Phase v3)
    • Geo Locker
    • Ability to Share & Invite in Social Medias
    • Ability to Connect to Casino Games with your identity
    • Ability to Watch Football Games Online while Betting
    • Custom Gambler System
      • Ability to Create Gambling Event in the Network
      • Event Finder
    • Telegram Bot v2
    • Ranking System
  • Developer Workshop
  • Web wallet


  • Akilos platform final version release
  • Bug bounty event
  • Start using Akilos technology in betting services
  • More partnerships

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What's Akilos?

Akilos has Created an Application Network for Betting Services . It also has a Platform, Utilizing Artificial intelligence, that has created a Safe Environment for Fair and Direct Deals. The Akilos Platform are able to Connect to Casino Smart Systems and Other Betting Services. By using the Artificial intelligence Technology, the Akilos can Reduce Costs and Create a Safe and Non-fraudulent Environment.

How Does the Token Work in Akilos?

Akilos tokens or in short ALS is use for betting and competition between users and network’s people, and it is moving between peoples who enter the betting contracts in a well-defined and framework-based process in complete security.

How is Akilos Different from Bet Website Classic?

Classic betting sites don’t let people be in contact with each other directly and the chance of winning than sites framework is so lower, while in Akilos smart network allow all users to betting with members of network directly and compete in a regular and secure framework.

What is Smart Contract Bet?

Betting smart contracts are the contracts that users can bet their desired bets by using it, such that people can conclude their smart contracts by using 6 contract modes. We created six betting conditions for the network to ensure that it supports a variety of modes. These contractual modes are planned using artificial intelligence of the network.

When MVP?

Our programming team is currently building an initial version of the platform and it will be released in Q2 2019.