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Remaining until End of Round 2

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SoftCap HardCap
$0 $800000 $8.2 Million
How to Participate
Construct Address

Send ETH to this Address and Receive ALS Tokens Now!

Set gas Limit 200,000 GAS and 20 GWEI GAS Price or Higher

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Token sale Timeline

Round Start time (8:30 UTC) Tokens for sale Price / Ether per token End time (8:30 UTC)
Round 1 31 Dec 2018 3,000,000 ALS 0.0075 Ether 31 Jan 2019
Round 2 2 Feb 2019 7,000,000 ALS 0.01 Ether 2 Mar 2019

How to participate

  • To participate in the Akilos Token ICO you will need to send ETH to the Token smart contract address. The minimum participation amount for the ICO is 0.1 ETH.
  • We recommend using GAS Limit: 200,000 & GAS Price: 20 Gwei
  • The ICO will run on a smart contract at which Akilos tokens will be delivered automatically to the same wallet the ETH was sent from.
  • We recommend that you use MEW (myetherwallet.com) or a similar wallet for your transaction. Make sure that you have the private key of the wallet you send the funds from. Do NOT use a wallet associated to an exchange. Your tokens will be sent to the wallet you contributed from. Akilos does not assume any responsibility if you utilize the wrong wallet.